Algae Control Services

Algae Control for Ponds and Lakes Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Has algae taken over your ponds or lakes? We provide algae control in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and the surrounding areas.  We help high profile properties throughout Florida remove algae from their lakes and ponds. Florida is known for its swamps, and the natural and man-made water-systems in our state are constantly “seeded” with both local and invasive strains of algae that can quickly take over a body of water and turn it into an unsightly and toxic mess! Algae can choke-out all other life and can be devastating if left unchecked.

Clear Lakes FL algae control services focus on natural methods of algae prevention and eradication.  We try to prevent the problem through aeration, control of the aquatic environments nutrient levels, and insuring proper drainage and water flow. In the case of an algae clean-up, we use mechanical means and chemicals only sparingly to insure that the body of water can be re-stocked with healthy species and brought back to full and sustainable health. Call Clear Lakes today and find out what we can do to keep your lakes and ponds as healthy as they can be!

Algae Control Services

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