Fountains & Aeration

Fountain and Aeration Systems in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Fountains & Aeration
Clear Lakes installs and maintains fountain and aeration systems in Palm Beach Gardens, FL for Fountains & Aerationlakes and ponds to promote the health and beauty of your water bodies. Providing enough dissolved oxygen in the water is key to insuring healthy fish and plants, and to prevent algae growth which is unsightly and toxic. If you want to insure a body of water remains healthy – installing fountains & aeration is the place to start.

If your fountain or aeration system is breaking-down or is insufficient for the size of the body of water, the results will show. Stagnating waters will kill fish and healthy plants, and algae growths will take their place. These growths further steal oxygen from the water making the problem worse until you are left with a toxic mess that will be harder and more costly to fix than simply maintaining or upgrading your system.

Call Clear Lakes today to evaluate your system to be sure you have the correct aeration system to fit your needs – or to install or maintain a fountain just to beautify your lake or pond.

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