Lake Management – Pond Management

Lake and Pond Management Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Lake Management - Pond Management

Having trouble maintaining your Ponds and Lakes? We provide lake and pond management in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Our teams maintain wetlands and bodies of water throughout South Florida. From urgent corrective actions to ongoing maintenance to make your lake or pond the best it can be. Our team of professionals are ready to serve your unique needs and help you maintain your wetlands compliance. No matter what your needs – from algae and plant control to invasive species to aeration and fountains to landscaping, Clear Lakes is ready to insure your body of water lives up to your expectations.

Clear Lakes, Lake and Pond Management services also include fish stocking, gastropod stocking, and beneficial enzyme and bacteria stocking to achieve the optimal ecological balance and health to your property. Lakes and ponds are delicate and ever-changing ecosystems throughout the seasons. It is important to have a skilled management professional handle the care of your body of water. It is easy for less-skilled persons to “overcompensate” when treating a problem, often leading to more serious problems. Don’t risk making your lake or pond a toxic dead-zone-call Clear Lakes today!

Lake and Pond Management

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