Preserve and Wetland Management Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Preserve and Wetland Management – Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Preserve - Wetland Management
At Clear Lakes we provide complete preserve and wetland management in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and surrounding areas. We advocate holistic restoration and mitigation practices to protect wetland environments that many special and vital species call home. These areas are part of the natural ecosystem helping to reduce flooding and storm damage, and act as a natural filter for storm water runoff.

With community growth and development, preserve & wetland maintenance is important to support the health of the watershed which in-turn supports fishing, hunting and the recreational activities that make Florida such a great place to live. From invasive species, to changes in the quantity and quality of water-flow, managing these important and sensitive areas is vital not only to preserving the ecosystem, but of preserving property values as well!

For more information about wetland management visit: 

Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council         EPA Office of Water: Wetlands

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